We give 10% to Vision Rescue for every Worthy bottle sold. 


We support Christmas Box - Feeding families during Christmas.


We facilitate for RAMS -  working with at-risk Victorian high school students. 

Supported Charities

Empowering people to find their purpose, enjoy their rights, and live with dignity

65 million people in India live in slums as per the 2011 statistics. 47% of children in slums are estimated to be malnourished and many of them are uneducated and in high risk situations. With a little love and care, Vision Rescue seeks to empower these individuals and bring dignity to entire communities.

15 years ago we (Bren and Ang- Worthy founders) spent 6 months travelling and volunteering in Nepal and India. 

What we saw changed us forever.

For 5 weeks we were in Mumbai visiting the slums that Vision Rescue brings lifesaving resources to. One day we visited a particular slum located next to the biggest rubbish dump in Mumbai. There was a whole community of people living there, under a bridge in the most dire conditions. Unsanitary, unsafe, no clean water or nourishing food, the kids weren't in school and they didn't have access to healthcare or any basic needs.

Enter Vision Rescue. Back then a bus would visit and provide them with clean drinking water, a  hearty meal, healthcare and schooling for the children. For the next few hours kids would be taught some basics of schooling and taught self respect and love. It was incredibly moving and I (Ang) knew I wanted to do so much more, so as soon as Worthy was born I knew we would give to Vision Rescue through the business.

We are delighted to say that for every bottle sold, 10% is given to Vision Rescue to help these exact slum communities. These donations help provide them with essentials for living, train and equip the parents with skills to earn a living, keep women and children safe, and provide the children with education (they now have classrooms for these kids) so they can dream to be whatever they want to be. Bren and I are planning a trip soon to revisit these incredible communities in Mumbai and see first hand the impact of the partnership.

Sparking hope at Christmas.

Christmas Box provides families and individuals in need a week's worth of food for a family of 4-6 ppl. Each box contains donated quality non perishable goods that are packed and delivered with love.The Worthy team are part of the exciting packing days held the first Saturday in December where hundreds of volunteers come together to help pack the boxes and give to those in need. During this weekend all bottle sales go to donating Christmas boxes. 1 bottle sold = 1  box donated.

Student resilience and wellbeing program. Building resilience in students to improve their quality of life inside and outside the classroom.

We are thrilled to be partnering with RAMS and the incredible work Faith and the team are doing to enrich and empower young students lives in VIC. As part of the year long program we are able to participate in one of the day programs (there are 7 full day sessions split over the year). During this time we get to meet and come alongside Students from grade 8-11 from disadvantaged backgrounds and make sure they feel loved and valued. 

I (Ang) share the start up journey of Worthy and the resilience needed to pioneer a new material in Australia as well as sharing the many challenges overcome to see this dream fulfilled. We then facilitate a dream board workshop where the students are encouraged to dream for their own future and share their ideas with their peers. We use magazine cut outs and drawings for them to create a beautiful poster to remind them of their worth and purpose. 

This is very much one of the highlights of the year for us.

One Village at a Time

Project World is a builder of change, giving communities what they need for a positive, healthy and sustainable future. Based in Australia and working in Uganda since 2005, they build the infrastructure that empowers communities and ultimately creates a better world. For every Worthy tee sold, we donate 10% to Project World to assist in the incredible work they are undertaking including building wells so communities have access to clean water and the latest project is building a new hospital.