Product Care

It's a great idea to wash your bottle before use. Yeah it's nature's gift of sugarcane but it's also been in a factory! Either pop it into the dishwasher or hand wash with hot soapy water.

Washing your bottle

Worthy bottles are designed to be easy to use and clean and you can pop them into your dishwasher. Pop the lid open and flat on top or middle rack and the bottle straight up away from anything that could hit it. For best results you can hand wash with a bottle brush. Temps up to 40deg ok. Sometimes you can get a dent in the bottle if it isn’t put in with care (this goes for any plastic bottles).

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Washing your tote bag

These guys need some care. Please hand wash or spot clean and line dry. No time for that? You can also machine wash on cold. Please don't pop them in the dryer as they will turn into a mini version!

Product FAQs

My lid had come apart! What do I do?

Our lids are made in two pieces and every now and then they can come apart. This is an easy fix. Simply click the top part of the lid back onto the bottom and your good to go! Drop us an email if the problem persists.

My bottle is damaged or I've received the wrong order on arrival?

Please inspect your order upon reception and contact us immediately if the item is defective, damaged or if you receive the wrong item, so that we can evaluate the issue and make it right.

Why is there a number 2 recycle symbol on the bottom of the bottle? Is there plastic in the bottles?

This is for recycling purposes only - the sugarcane can be recycled with normal plastics in the household recycling bins as they are chemically identical to plastic. Even better, send any broken lids or bottles to us and we can turn them into new sugarcane products making them a close circle lifespan. 

There are no plastics or other materials added to worthy bottles. Just sugarcane bioplastic (made completely from plants).