Raw and authentic, Ang uses captivating storytelling, inspiring audiences to pioneer change.

Sharing the start up journey and the resilience needed to take an innovative idea to market (it took 4 years), pioneering a new material in Australian manufacturing, all while navigating covid lock downs in Melbourne, adding a third child in the mix and enduring many setbacks. With a powerful message of self worth, Ang ignites transformation and motivates others to make a difference. Contact us now to secure a dynamic speaker who will leave a lasting impact on your next event.

"Angela allowed our students to dream again." "[Angela] provided our delegates insight into what being 'a leader of today' means." "Our young people are always touched by her presence"

"Angela understood the nature of RAMS and allowed our students to dream again. 

Her presentation instilled self-worth into the lives of the students which motivated them to work on themselves. At the end of her presentation she got the students to make their very own dream boards which gave them hope for the future. The feedback from teachers was that, 'Angela from worthy got them to believe in themselves'."

"Worthy is a friend of STIR that we'll continue to invite back. 

The passion Angela has for young people is evident and our young people are always touched by her presence and encouragement. She truly sees people and when she communicates she connects with the audience. Using her business to impart hope into the next generation and making them believe they can achieve anything if they put their mind to it. We highly recommend Wthy, especially when it comes to talking to the next generation."

"At AIESEC, we strive towards peace and fulfillment of humankind's potential, a cause we feel is embodied by Worthy. 

Angela's keynote provided our delegates insight into what being 'a leader of today' means. She shed light on the importance of fostering spaces that promote mental well-being, spoke of our communal impact in creating a sustainable environment, and above all, shared the genuine dedication she has towards her advocacies with our changemakers.

Angela's stories of both success and struggles undoubtedly inspired me, the team, and our leaders. She truly is a worthy founder for an exceptionally worthy mission."

Eshi Ayezha

Branch Director of Business Development


Speaking FAQs

How do I go about arranging for you to speak at my event?

Get in touch by clicking on our 'enquire now' button to send through your details and we will be in touch to find out more about your event and what's needed.

What kind of events/places do you speak at?

Ang has spoken at conferences, workplaces, universities, schools and special needs programs. Whatever the event or topic Ang has a way of encouraging, teaching and leaving the audience ready to dream again.

What do you charge for speaking?

Get in touch for a quote as this depends on the time needed and travel associated etc.

Do you travel anywhere?

Yes! Ang loves to travel (and talk) so it's a match made in heaven. Let us know where you would like her to go and we can see if it works!