We believe in making a positive impact on our planet (and people) while creating innovative products! That's why we've revolutionised the way bottles are made. Our raw material isn't some petro-chem goop; it's the incredible sugarcane! Sugarcane is a superhero plant - it grows effortlessly, requires little irrigation, and even produces its own fertiliser. Squeeze it, and ta-da, you get sugar! The sugar is polymerised, and transformed into durable plant based plastic. We even use the sugarcane waste (begasse) to power the factory!

Our bottles are not only designed to look fantastic but are built to last. They can withstand your wildest adventures, and hey, they're dishwasher safe too! Plus, they're entirely BPA free, so you can reuse them over and over, reducing single use plastics. Worthy Drink Bottles are the ultimate solution for water on the go, without any of the woes.

A bit about Sugarcane

Did you know that sugarcane is an agricultural superstar? It's grown in over 100 countries and has been a part of Brazil's history since its birth. With its vast and fertile lands, Brazil is the world's largest sugarcane producer. But don't worry, our sugar cane comes from grasslands located more than 2,500 km away from the Amazon basin, ensuring no deforestation occurs. 

Sugarcane is not only a versatile resource but also a carbon capture superhero. It absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere, reducing global warming. Our bottles, made from sugarcane, contribute to this carbon capture. We even take it a step further with I'm greenTM PE, locking carbon within the molecule for long term stability.

By choosing Worthy Drink Bottles, you're supporting a greener planet. You help reduce CO2 emissions equivalent to 950,512 vehicles annually. It's like being part of a vibrant carbon cleansing fiesta! And guess what? No sugarcane is wasted in our process. We use every bit of it. Plus, our factory runs on the power of sunshine, rain, and sugarcane waste. It's a win win for the environment!

Stainless Steel vs. Sugarcane

Stainless steel bottles require a global supply chain of 1400 steps, each with its own impact on the environment. The mining of materials exposes workers to carcinogens, uses energy intensive heating using huge amounts of fossil fuels, releasing greenhouse gases, carcinogens and toxic material into the air water and soil.1

Manufacturing SS results in 10x more pollution than regular steel (even more for double or triple walled bottles).1

Sugarcane releases oxygen into the atmosphere when growing, captures carbon and grows using natural resources. When manufactured the stem is used and the waste powers the factory. Making the production zero waste and carbon negative. There are no nasty chemicals used in growing the sugarcane (in fact they can use sugarcane as a fertiliser) and no harmful chemicals used in manufacturing.1

For every ton of bioplastic produced, 2.4 tons of CO2 was removed! The sugarcane plant is so clever that it actually turns CO2 into sugar! 1

1. NY Times, 2009, ‘How Green is My Bottle’