It's predicted that by 2050 the weight of plastic in the ocean will out-number that of fish. That's not OK. And that's why we're here to change it. Reducing waste one bottle at a time is what drives us here at Worthy HQ. Because ultimately what we sow today, we reap tomorrow.


Over the years, we've tried and tested A LOT of reusable drink bottles. Glass bottles always seem too delicate and heavy. The cute paint job eventually chipped off the aluminium ones. And those pesky plastic varieties? Well, they were forever leaching toxins into our precious water. There had to be a better alternative...

Enter, sugarcane!

After many late nights of googling, we became fascinated with this natural resource and it's amazing benefits. Not only does it look and feel like plastic, but it's completely non-toxic and actually reduces carbon emissions (yes, you read that right). It's durable, lightweight and best of all, 100% recyclable. In conclusion - the PERFECT solution to our drink bottle woes (and pretty darn worthy too!)