Worthy Bottle

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Worthy bottles are designed and made in Melbourne from 100% sustainably grown Sugarcane. They are eco-friendly, non toxic and 100% recyclable (should you ever consider parting ways with your bottle). They come packaged in a stylish, eco friendly, cardboard box. Our bottles are durable, light weight and dishwasher safe. Take it everywhere you go!

For every bottle sold, we give 10% of profits to Vision Rescue - to help abandoned children living on the streets of Mumbai. You're not only changing the world one bottle at a time but one person at a time. Way to go you!

Dimensions: 30cm x 10cm
Volume: 750ml
Material: 100% sustainably grown sugarcane

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We've got the ball rolling on our manufacturing process and expect to have these little beauties ready to ship Sept/Oct. We will keep you posted! Follow insta and FB for updates!

For each bottle sold we give 10% to Vision rescue, who work with street children and communities living in the slums of Mumbai.

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Eco friendly


Fully recyclable

Dishwasher safe